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We, members of the ABITAT community in Tanzania, appalled and anguished by the anti-democratic and inhumane coup attempt in Turkey. 
We join the Turkish Nation who encountered the coup at depressing psychology in Turkey  in expressing our condolences to each and every member therein.
ABITAT is Non Governmental Organization that was established in August 2012 with the mission of acting as communication bridge, not only to Tanzania and Turkish businessmen but  also other businessmen from all over the world.
Unfortunately, some individuals or institutions have tried to spread false information about ABITAT hence the management would like to clarify the following.
Dear Members;
ABITAT  has been established, registered and has being served under the law of The United Republic of Tanzania and approved by ministry of Industry and Trade.
ABITAT is not related with any political issues not only in Turkey  but also any country in this world.
ABITAT's duties and responsibilities will remain on organizing, coordinating and establishing  the relationship between businessmen and investors from all over the world.
Our dear members, staff, businessmen and businesswomen are enough witnesses of how we conduct our work and how far we are from politics.
ABITAT management will take necessary legal response to anyone who will spread such false rumours that lead to destroy our reputation.
Thank you.
ABITAT Management.