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1 National Development Corporation (NDC) - a Government arm in development of some key projects · Fertilizer Industry (utilizing natural gas and rock phosphates) · Construction of electricity transmission line from Mchuchuma coal project in Ludewa to the national Grid · Lake Natron Soda Ash project · Establishment of Meat processing plants · Pharmaceuticals as import substitution especially for essential medicines Possibility for joint venture.
2 Research on Geothermal Energy and Coal power production There is a potential in Geothermal Energy and coal reserves in Tanzania of which Japan can assist in carrying out studies
3 The Government has decided to develop EPZ/SEZ in all the regions in order to fast track industrial development in the country So far 17 regions have demarcated land for development of EPZ/SEZ. SEZ in Dar es Salaam has been developed, ready for investment and the Bagamoyo one is under development. Some of the priority areas include: · Value addition (Agro-processing). · Agribusiness ( farm inputs and implements) · Pharmaceuticals · Mineral processing (Lapidary)
4 Capacity Building Training is required to Ministry’s Staff in the following areas including: · Industrial project analysis · Monitoring and evaluation · Environmental Management and · Industrial policy analysis
5 Leather and leather products Tanzania has a potential production of 2.8, 3.8, and 1.0 million hides,goatskins and sheep skins respectively. Most of which is exported raw. Potential to invest in tanning industry,and finished leather products including shoe industry
6 Textile Industry Tanzania produces plenty of cotton,where most of it is exported in raw form. Potential for investment in textile and garment industry
7 Lapidary Industry Tanzania is endowed with different types of minerals (including gold and diamond) and gemstones some of which are available in Tanzania only e.g Tanzanite. Most of these are exported in raw form Potential to invest in mineral processing (Lapidary Industry
8 Arusha Region There is potential to invest in:- · Power generation utilizing plenty of garbage generated every day · Meat Industry · Agro-processing especially in edible oil, fruits and vegetables · Tourism industry including construction of hotels · Plastic recycling
9 Mtwara Region There is potential to invest in:- · Whole Cashew nut processing ( to utilize apple, husk, shell and nut products) · Mnazi bay gas project · Edible oil processing including Sesame and sunflower · Mining and lapidary industry · Fertilizer and other chemical Most of the cashew nut produced is exported in the raw form and the apple is wasted.
10 Countrywide ICT · Tractor Assembly and Manufacturing Industry